If You Believe

Show Me

3 Tequila Floor

Through It All

​Make You Swing

​Everyone Needs A Hero


Lay Low

WINTER 2023​​

​The Boy From Ballymore

​Give Me Your Tempo

​Crystal Cha

Get In Or Get Out

​My Love Is

​Bright Eyes

Irish Boots

FALL 2022

Till We Meet Again

Another One Bites The Dust

​Pardon My French

Stuck In The Middle

Party On The Corner

Impossible Love

​Changed For The Better

​Mama & Me

Bikini On Top


​Hasta La Vista

Danger Twins

Poco Loco

Through Your Eyes


​Most People

Homecoming Queen

True Believer

Greener Grass

Neon Blue

The Boy From Ballymore

Hard To Say Goodbye


Danger Twins

This Little Light

'Til You Can't

​Nothing But You

​The One You're Waiting On

Call You Mine

FALL 2021

​Pardon Me!

Treat Me Right

​Broke As

​Give Me Shivers

Don't Shut Me Down

​Train Wreck

​6 Ribbons

​Sun On A Black Sky

​Cold Heart

Late Night Habits

SUMMER 2021 (Virtual)

Show Me The Way To Amarillo

Sinatra & Chardonnay

​She Cares

You Can Hear A Heart Break

My Bestie

​Sun On A Black Sky

​Good To Go

Cheek To Cheek

SPRING 2021 (Virtual)

​So Just Dance Dance Dance

Tell Me Cuando

Mile Shy Of Paradise

​The Bomp

Take Me Home

​Ain't Misbehavin'

Broke As

​A Tisket A Tasket

​Without Fire

Half Past Nothin'

WINTER 2021 (Virtual)

Shame & Scandal In The Family

​Nancy Mulligan

​Looking Out For Angels

​Runaround Sue

Dance Elita

​Moses Roses Toeses

Liquid Sunshine

FALL 2020 (Virtual)



​I've Seen It All

Dancin' The Dust

​Mulan Warrior

​Southern Dreams

​In Other Words

Pick Her Up

SUMMER 2020 (Virtual)

​Soak Up The Sun

Perhaps Cha Cha

Rock This Town

6 Ribbons

​It Never Rains In Socal

​Rainbow Connection

Watch me Now   (Practice video)

​Dance For Hope  (Practice video)

SPRING 2020 (Virtual)

Treat Me Nice Bop   (Practice video)

The Boy From Ballymore (Practice video)

(Email us to obtain step sheet, not published)

Wintergreen    (Practice video)


​Make You Sweat

Novocaine Kiss

​Jump Jump

​Stomp Down

​Wagon Wheel Rock

​Mama & Daddy

​Half Past Tipsy

FALL 2019

Thank You Very Much

Morning Sun


​24 Reasons

​Music To My Eyes


So They Say

​Little Help

Senorita La-La-La

We Forgot To Dream

Badda Boom Badda Bang


Good As You

Remember You Young


Shot Of Tequila


​SPRING 2019

Lonely Blues

Never Growing Up



Home To You

Nothing But You

Cherry Bomb


Reason To Stay


Oh Me Oh My Oh

Have Fun Tonight

Wagon Wheel Rock

Oh Yes Eureka

Groovy Love

Bethlehem Child

FALL 2018



Get It Right

All I Can Say

I've Been Waiting For You

Red Rubber Ball


All The Kings Horses


SUMMER 2018​

Take Me On

Cold Feet

So Just Dance Dance Dance


Double Down Two Step

Vanotek Cha

Like A Shining Star

Click on the name of the dance to link to the step sheet. Most dances have videos available with the step sheet.

BEGINNER CLASS                                                                                                 INTERMEDIATE CLASS 

Jersey Boys​​

Mambo Like Crazy

Shivers Baby

I Like It!

Out On The Dance Floor

Sexy Eyes

FALL 2021

​Rockin' Christmas Tree

Bonaparte's Retreat

Peaches & Cream

​Graffiti Baby


​My Paradise

50 Ways (Super EZ)

Come Back My Love

​I Sneeze Whiskey

Love Repeats

​Ah Si'

Something Stupid AB 

Hi-Tech Redneck

Boogie Fever AB EZPZ

SUMMER 2021 (Virtual)

Weekend Vibes   (Practice video)

Brave and Humble   (Practice video)

Sundown Swing   (Practice video)

​Oh Candida   (Practice video)

My Sweetest Dream(Practice video)

As Tears Go By  (Practice video)

​Rhythm Of The Falling Rain  (Practice video)

Ain't Just A Southern Thing   (Practice video)

My Whole World AB  (Practice video)

Back and Forth  (Practice video)

SPRING 2021 (Virtual)

When He Was At The Bar  (Practice video)

​Shattered Dreams  (Practice Dreams)

Rio  (Practice Video)

Blue Night Cha    (Practice video)

​Beautiful Sunday   (Practice video)

​Gucci      (Practice video)

A Little Happiness  (Practice video)

Toot Toot   (Practice video)

Cabo Oh Oh    (Practice video)

​Sunshine Waltz     (Practice video)

Tell Me Ma

Where I Belong  (Practice video)

A Little Love Worth Waiting 4  (Practice video)

K Is For Kicks   (Practice video)

Gently Does It (Practice video)

WINTER 2021 (Virtual)

My Paradise      (Practice video)

​Stealing The Best   (Practice video)

Music In My Heart   (Practice video)

​Broke   (Practice video)

Colada Kick    (Practice video)

Hello Heart   (Practice video)

Blue Spanish Eyes    (Practice video)

Yesterday's Tomorrow  (Practice video)

Crash and Burn  (Practice video)

​Toe Jammin'   (Practice video)

FALL 2020 (Virtual)

Rockin' Christmas Tree    (Practice video)

Love You Cha  (Practice video)

Pillows      (Practice video)

​EZ Shuffle   (Practice video)

​Good Feelings    (Practice video)

I Don't Wanna Lie      (Practice video)

Ripple   (Practice video)

​Keep Hanging On     (Practice video)

Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights  (Practice video)

Wild Wild Flowers   (Practice video)

Rocket To The Sun (Practice video)

Fast Train To Georgia  (Practice video)

Kiss Myself So Pretty (Practice video)

SUMMER 2020 (Virtual)

Rockin' Wild One     (Practice video)

​A Complete Change  (Practice video)

Can't You Hear My Heartbeat   (Practice video)

​Husbands & Wives     (Practice video)

Baby Why Not Tonight   (Practice video)

Pitbull   (Practice video)

Tonight My Love Tonight(Practice video)

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Practice video)

Ain't She Sweet (Practice video)

Darling Mambo   (Practice video)

​Twix  (Practice Video)

SPRING 2020 (Virtual)

Silhouettes    Practice video

Strait Cha Cha     Practice video

Cut A Rug      Practice video

One Way Ticket AB      Practice video

Kiss Me So Pretty    Practice video


​Tell Me Ma  (click here for video)

Baby Amame

Come Back My Love

Shattered Dreams

​Just Seventeen

​My Paradise

​Start To Sway

​Feeling Kinda Lonely

It's My Party

Rockin' The Wagon Wheel

Little Rhumba

FALL 2019

​Mr. Santa

Open Book

​Sex On The Beach


The Walk

Keep It Simple

When You Smile

I Sneeze Whiskey


​Let's Chill

Rock On Over To My Place

High-Tech Redneck

The Boy I Love

​Moves Like Jagger


Together Cha Cha Cha

Radio Song

Little Charleston

Road House Rock

Your Spanish Eyes

Star Ring Waltz

Take Me Home

Indalo Shuffle

Achy Breaky Heart



You Are The Reason Baby

Mr. Lonely

Graffiti Baby

Peaches & Cream


I Love A Rainy Night

What A Night!

The Lemon Tree

Shotgun Jenny

Heavenly Waltz

K Is For Kicks

A Little Bit Of Mambo


Come Back My Love

Can't Smile

Send Her Home

Cold Little Heart

AB Midnight Special

On The Loose AB

Rocket To The Sun

A Little Love Storm

FALL 2018

My Centerfold

Colada Kick

Why Did It Have To Be Me

Baby Don't Leave Me

I'm Free

Wanna Grow Old With You

Built For Blue Jeans

Rockin' The Wagon Wheel

Hello Heart

Sweet Sweet Memories

Mamma Maria

Gently Dose It

A Little Attraction


Get It Right

Sure You Are

EZ Cha Cha

Wild Card

Have It All

Swinging Thing

Pure Movies