​Jump Jump

​Storm and Stone

Portland Cha

​Through Your Eyes

Dance Without A Partner

Poco Loco


Neon Blue

Homecoming Queen

Sweet Release

Most People

Greener Grass

Hard To Say Goodbye


​50 Ways

'Til You Can't

​Lonely Inside

The Boy From Ballymore

Danger Twin

​It's Mardi Gras

Contigo With Me

Call You Mine

FALL 2021

​The Beer's On Me


Here We Go

​Life's What You Make It

My Bestie

​Pardon Me!

Cold Heart

Train Wreck

Treat Me Right

Music To My Eyes

SUMMER 2021 (Virtual)

Music To My Eyes

Late Night Habits

Sinatra & Chardonnay

Doing The Walk

​She Cares

​My Bestie

Beautiful Goodbye

Sun On A Black Sky

WINTER 2021 (Virtual)

So Just Dance Dance Dance

​All The King's Horses

Where Oh Where

Take Me Home


Shot Of Tequila

Strip It Down

​Half Past Nothin'

Broke As

24 Reasons

​People Are Crazy

Groove Tonight

Shame & Scandal In The Family

The Boy From Ballymore  (Video)

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Watch Me Now


​Runaround Sue


​Liquid Sunshine

Reason To Stay


FALL 2020 (Virtual)

Midnight Waltz

Jingle Bell Rock

Like Coca Cola In Hollywood



Lay Low


Looking Out For Angels

Wonderland Waltz

Bicycle Waltz

Kill The Spiders

​Oklahoma Wind

​Red Hot Rock'n'Roller

Homeward Bound


Get It Right


Soak Up The Sun 

SUMMER 2020  (Virtual)



Crazy Foot Mambo

Double Down Two Step

Uptown Funk


Under The Sun

Wagon Wheel Rock


Lonely Blues


Morning Sun

Stomp Down


Half Past Tipsy

Soul Shake

​Shot Of Tequila

Click on the name of the dance to link to the step sheet. Most dances have video links on the step sheet.

​​HIGH BEGINNER CLASS                                                                     INTERMEDIATE CLASS


​Deep Love

​Lipstick Tango

Smooth Like Summer

Polka Dot Bikini


We're Good To Go


Going Out Out

Little Bitty

Thank You

Zjozzys Funk

​This & That

​Diggy Dee

Welcome To The Hotel California


​I'm On My way

​Imelda's Way

​Peppermint Twist


​Until The Dawn

Just Fly

Miss Congeniality

You Are The Reason Baby

FALL 2021

Rockin' Christmas Tree

​Graffiti Baby

Mixing Moon

Can't You Hear My Heartbeat

​Do It All Again

A Little White Wine

​That's The Way I Like It

Wonderland Waltz

Float Ya Boat

Come Dance With Me

Sangria Sun

Sun On A Black Sky

Hurricane (T&G)

SUMMER 2021 (Virtual)

Ain't Just A Southern Thing   (Practice video)

​Float Ya Boat   (Practice video)

​Love You Now  (Practice video)

​Sun On A Black Sky  (Practice video)

Brave and Humble  (Practice video)

​I'm On Fire   (Practice video)

Weekend Vibes   (Practice video)

Take Me Home  (Practice video)

WINTER 2021 (Virtual)

​All My Ex's Live In Texas   (Practice video)

Make That Call    (Practice video)

1-2-3-4    (Practice video)

Uno Dos Tres  (Practice video)

​Rio  (Practice video)

Where Oh Where   (Practice video)

​Hurricane   (Practice video)

Groove Tonight    (Practice video)

​Summerfly         (Practice video)

​Nothin' But Taillights   (Practice video)

​Like Coca-Cola In Hollywood   (Practice video)

​Telepathy   (Practice video)

​Irish Stew       (Practice video)

​I Close My Eyes   (Practice video)

​Can't You Hear My Heartbeat (Practice video)

Honey Bee    (Practice video)

​Runaround Sue   (Practice video)

​Cruisin'   (Practice video)

​Toes (Practice video)

FALL 2020 (Virtual)

Jingle Bell Rock    (Practice video)

Sweet Sweet Smile   (Practice video)

​Ripple     (Practice video)

Hello Dolly  (Practice video)

Gypsy Queen     (Practice video)

Lipstick Tango   (Practice video)

Rock This Town     (Practice video)

​Bar Room Romeo   (Practice video)

​Wonderland Waltz  (Practice video)

Senorita La-La-La    (Practice video)

Blue Night Cha   (Practice video)

Blackpool By The Sea   (Practice video)

​Bonaparte's Retreat     (Practice video)

​Rio    (Practice video)

One Less Angel  (Practice video)

Bottle It Up   (Practice video)

 Storybook Endings   (Practice video)

SUMMER 2020 (Virtual)

​Pocket Of Hearts     (Practice video)

Half A Shot Of Tequila   (Practice video)

Graffiti Baby         (Practice video)

Keep It Simple      (Practice video)

Havana Cha          (Practice video)

Happy Dance

Rock This Town       (Practice video)

Can't You Hear My Heartbeat    (Practice video)