SPRING  2018

Wild Card



Born To Be Great


It's So Easy

A Little Love Worth Waiting 4

Don't Do Me No Wrong

Little Boots

Stealing The Best

Oh Carol

Puttin' On The Ritz

Dancin' Like Lovers

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Part Time Love

Dream About You

Love You More

Clap 'Em

FALL 2017

Mr. Santa

The Night Time

Baby Why Not Tonight

Why Me?

LLH Shuffle


Shotgun Jenny

Flame Of Love

Little Lonely Drum

If Bubba Can Dance

Lipstick On Your Collar

Rumba Rhythm

K Is For Kicks

SUMMER  2017



New Country Cha

A Complete Change

Sam's Cha Cha Cha

I'm Free

Let's Twist Again

Shotgun Jenny

Flame Of Love

Every Once In A While


Come On Back


Darling Stand By Me

Hip Swing'in Blues

Cooler Than Me

Dancing On The Ceiling

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Over The Moon

I Go Crazy

Bread And Butter


Georgette's Cadillac

Strip It Down, Down, Down

Let It Swing

Run With The Scissors

Through The Grapevine

Stealing The Best

Sex On The Beach

Ain't Giving

Chocolate Melon

Too Much

Midnight Walk

Toe Jammin'

Mr. Santa (music: Mr. Sandman)

Californis Dreamin'

FALL 2016


Mr. Santa

Open Book

Hello Dolly

Just One Look

Swing Baby Swing

The Midnight Special

Come Dance With Me

Be My Little Baby

Where I Belong

Crazy Happy

Country Girl

She's A Fool​

SUMMER  2016

Chocolate Melon

Husbands & Wives

Left In The Dark

Come On Darlin'


What A Night!

Night Like This

All In My Head

Bullfrog On A Log

Pants On Fire

Stings Like AB


Fall In Love

I Loved You More

The Kinser Influence

Midlers Way

Hold You Tonight

Get Down The Fiddle

Don't Look Good Naked

​​​​​​WINTER 2016

Come Back My Love

50 Ways Super EZ

No Sunset

Hey Baby!

Tell Me Ma

A Little Love Worth Waiting 4


King Of The Road

EZ Bomp

Beach Strutttin'

Repeat That Bea​t

Hot Memories

FALL 2015

Get Up & Boogie

Jamaican Mambo

Marvin Gaye AB

Crash And Burn


A Kind Of Hush

A Brighter Day

Blues Ain't News

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